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20 Health benefits of cannabis that everyone should know

Cannabis can be found in various forms, and the health benefits of cannabis is ever growing, here Tara Leo of CaliExtractions gives us an insight regarding the diverse benefits of the plant. Cannabis contains CBD which is a chemical that impacts the brain, making it function better without giving it a high along with THC which has pain relieving properties. Both […]

Can vaping damage your lungs? What we do (and don’t) know

The rising popularity of vaping has been dramatic, especially among teenagers. According to a recent study, about 37% of high school seniors reported vaping in 2018, up from 28% the year before. An estimated 2.1 million middle school and high school students reported using e-cigarettes in 2017; that number jumped to 3.6 million in 2018. […]

Over Three-Quarters of Cannabis Consumers Prefer Flower, Study Finds

Confirming what is common knowledge to some seasoned consumers, flower dominates as the preferred choice of cannabis consumption—by over three-quarters, to be exact. According to new findings, 77.5 percent of cannabis consumers prefer flower over concentrates and other delivery methods. The data was published August 19 in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence. A team […]

Budget-friendly and ready to smoke, pre-rolls are one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis

Walking into a dispensary these days can be overwhelming. From labyrinthine bongs with multiple chambers and rigs you need to blast with a blowtorch to THC table salts and CBD-infused ointments, the world of cannabis is a lot more complex than it used to be. Which is why it’s important to take a moment to […]